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 Website Answers dot com - find the answers to many questions
Here's a good place to find answers to many common questions. I usually use Wikipedia, but this site sometimes has additional information. It's an ad supported site, but many free web services, like MSN, Yahoo, and Google, do the same thing.

WebsiteTip and Cool Website

Quote from the website - is a free, ad-supported, reference search service, created to provide you with instant answers on over a million topics. As opposed to standard search engines that serve up a list of links for you to follow, displays quick, snapshot answers with concise, reliable information. Our editors take our content from over 100 authoritative encyclopedias, dictionaries, glossaries and atlases, carefully chosen for breadth and quality. For ultimate convenience, install 1-Click AnswersTM software, and click on any word in any document on your screen for "Answers at your Fingertips".
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