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  DivX Player with DivX Codec - viewer and encoder for a common movie format
I used this recently to view a fan made Star Wars movie. It installed easily and works quite well, but I chose not to accept their trial Pro version. Once the codec is installed, I think you can use many other media players and creators to view, edit or create DivX formatted movies. After I used the player, I uninstalled it with no problems.
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Quote from the website - This bundle from DivX, Inc. includes the DivX Player and DivX 5 codec. Both are free and no adware is included in the package. The DivX Player plays all AVI files that contain DivX video and MP3 audio (including DivX 3, 4 and 5 video formats), and enables access to DivX Video-on-Demand services. The DivX codec extends DivX playback support to all popular media players and also acts as an export plug-in for video editing suites, allowing you to create your own high-quality DivX video.
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