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 Security Qwik-Fix Pro - protection before infection
This is one of the most effective protection systems I've seen yet. It sets in the system try running as soon as your PC boots. It goes out and occasionally gets updates and applies "fixes" to your PC in order to prevent attacks. However, it is register-ware and it's only available for free until the end of October. So, if you want to try it, you better do it now.
WebsiteDownload for NT/2000/XP/2003Dowload for 95/98/98SE/ME - Quote from the website
Get Proactive 
Qwik-Fix Pro uses Active System Hardening to protect Windows desktops and servers against new threats by blocking the underlying vulnerabilities exploited by worms and viruses. Qwik-Fix Pro protects from hundreds of specific worms and viruses and safeguards PCs from falling victim to the next worm or virus before vendor security patches become available. Qwik-Fix Pro users were protected in advance from Sasser, MSBlaster, SoBig.F, and even the recent Scob and download.ject worms.
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