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 Security iamnotageek HijackThis Log Analyzer - another tool to fight spyware infection
When you are using HijackThis to fight spyware infections, you should get all the information you can get about the log file it displays. The "I am not a geek" website has provided us with a log file analyzer which will help you figure out which entries are good and which ones are bad. Once at the website you are given a large text entry window in which you paste a copy of your HijackThis log. After you click "Submit" the website presents you with the same log file but now has links in it that show different colors. Red is not good. When you hover over the links it gives you a description of the analysis for the entry. Clicking the links will take you into an internet search for the information in the link. It might be a good idea to get second opinions from two other online HijackThis analyzers at Help2Go and It's always best to get expert advice on using HijackThis. If you need help, I recommend the freely given expert help at Temerc Internet Countermeasures.
Website - Tip and Cool Website
Quote from the website - This system has been designed to help you quickly find information about everything contained in your HJT logs. We tap the greatest information databases we've been able to find to help you figure out which items in your log are OK and which ones are bad! Every item we have in one of the databases will be linked to a page where you can get more information. Items that are in categories that are either bad or questionable will also be linked but will have bolded text with a red highlight to "red flag" them..
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