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 Internet Klik Safe - quickly put IE into safe surfing mode
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I like this little tool. Whenever I surf with Internet Explorer I'm almost afraid to go anywhere but known safe websites. Now I can surf to the wild side in safety as long as I click on the Klik Safe icon. If I find a cool site that's trustworthy, I can always add it to my Trusted Zone. This part isn't as easy and I'd love to see a quick way to add sites to the Trusted Zone.

Quote from the website - On the Internet, we spend most of our time in Medium Security Mode, however, with the amount of spyware, scumware, and hackers out there, this is just not acceptable anymore. It is much safer to surf in high security mode, but most people do not do this because of the hassle involved in switching their computer settings back and forth. Klik Safe allows this switching to occur very easily.
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