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  Check Printer - what Quicken and MSMoney are missing
Website - Download - Freeware (last freeware version at the download link here)
George has discovered a good solution to printing checks the way you want them to look. My wife spent a great deal of time trying to set up MSMoney to print out checks so she could get the alignment and font correct. This program might save her a good deal of trouble the next time she sets up check printing.
After I bought and installed Quicken, I spent two hours trying to figure how to print checks onto my own personal check stock.  I discovered my printer could print on just about any paper size, even the small 2 by 6 inch check stock. I also found I could print the check data from Quicken on white paper but was unable to reposition the data to print on the correct places on my check stock. I finally came to the realization that it was impossible.  I re-examined the box Quicken came in and noticed a flyer on how to order their check stock. I became, shall I say, highly agitated. Quicken only provides the option to print checks onto their own paper stock that you buy from them.  I thought for as much money as I spent on Quicken, I should be able to make it print on my own checks. Not true. See George's freeware solution to this problem ... 
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