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 System xplorer2 lite - freeware successor to 2xExplorer file manager
Sometimes I make a mistake. Elizabeth caught me in last weeks newsletter. Here's what she has to say.
This week's newsletter highlighted 2xExplorer - an excellent program, although no longer being updated.  However, you should note that the newer version is xplorer˛ lite, and it is being updated all the time, whereas development for 2xExplorer has been discontinued.  I used xplorer˛ lite for some time and liked it so much I upgraded to the professional version.  However, the free version is quite robust and has some wonderful features.  It's true freeware and deserves a mention, I think, particularly whenever it's predecessor is being plugged.
Thanks very much Elizabeth. It does deserve a mention. I tried it out and scrapped my old copy of 2xExplorer. X2 rocks!
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Quote from the website - The lightweight version of xplorer˛ is not a crippled unusable salesman of the professional version. It shares the same browsing and management engine, and gives many rival professional file managers a run for their money — literally! It is a complete little file manager, albeit lacking a bit in bells and whistles.
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