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 Internet Earthlink Toolbar - block popups, search Google, and be alert to scam websites
EarthLink Toolbar has great security features for those of you who are in fear of falling for phishing emails and other scams. I liked the EarthLink Toolbar but I had to reclassify it from freeware to adware because the built in Google takes you to a branded Google page with an Earthlink header and a banner ad in it. If you don't use the Google search box you can hide it and you'll never see those ads.
Website - Adware
Quote from the website - Displays a visual safety rating for each Web page you visit. Alerts you before you enter a page that's on our list of known scammers or has characteristics commonly associated with fraudulent Web sites. Includes our innovative Pop-Up BlockerSM tool. Offers a built-in Google search box for fast, anytime access to the Web's top search engine. Features five clickable, up-to-the-minute news headlines
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews