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  EasyOffice - an MSOffice compatible suite of programs
There are alternatives to paying hundreds of dollars for Microsoft Office software. I can think of two others beside this one. All of them are compatible with MS Office to some extent and that means you might use a free office suite to work at home and then take the same work to the office or school and use MS Office software.
EasyOffice is a great suite of tools that competes very well with the other two free office suites I've tried, OpenOffice and 602 Suite. In fact, Easy Office offers a several more applications than either of those. It is also available in two other purchased versions with more features and applications. I'm only interested in the freeware "FreeTrial" version.
Thanks to StarGaze for telling me about EasyOffice. StarGaze says "I have used it for about 4 months, I have not found anything wrong with it." That's good to know StarGaze. I had a few problems with it but it's got so many applications in it I'm sure everyone's experience with it will be completely different. EasyOffice looks to be a suite that tries to do everything you could need for a home office.

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Quote from the website - EasyOffice+PDF Filter is an office suite compatible with Microsoft Word and Excel and Adobe PDF files. The download also includes EasyAntiVirus, which you can install if you don't have an antivirus program. Unlimited antivirus updates are offered at no extra charge. The application includes: EasyWord with PDF Filter (DOC, RTF, HTML, and PDF files); EasyMail integrated with CRM, EasySchedule, EasyCRM, high-speed Anti-Spam; Easyspreadsheet (XLS files); EasyPresentation (PowerPoint-like presentations); EasyDictionary (full-reference dictionary); Easybookkeeper (accounting); EasyPad (Notepad replacement); Easy Contact Manager (hot lists, mass e-mails, form letters); EasySpeaker (reads docs and e-mails out loud); EasyZip (full-fledged zipping/unzipping program); Easyhelper; EasyImage; EasyDatabase; Easycalculator; EasyCalendar; and EasyBackup.
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