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 Internet EasyBrowse Platinum - alternative web browser
I've tried quite a few alternative web browsers. As an alternative this one can't beat Opera in my opinion, but it's very new and based on what I see here it could do quite well if the author keeps on adding nice features. It does seem to use some of Internet Explorer's components but it's not a skin over IE like some of the others I've tried. I tested it at a browser security site and it seems to be vulnerable to some of the same stuff IE is. I checked for spyware and it came up clean. It doesn't show any built in ads or anything else. It's fine for visiting most websites and the speed is good. It also has a much smaller disk footprint than almost any browser out there. I really won't use it now, but I'll keep an eye on this one.

Website - Quote from the website

EasyBrowse Platinum is a fast and stable internet browser. It features the same basic tools as Microsoft Internet Explorer however, in addition it is less clutered, larger browsing window, faster, more stable, smaller than IE. It also has a built in pop-up killer.
What does it do?
EasyBrowse Platinum has the following features:
- Built in pop-up disabler
- Built in 11 search engines (including V-Rameen search engine)
- Homepage chosen by you
- Plug-in checker
- MultiBrowse (tabbed - allows you to view 10 websites simultaneously)
- Brand new interface that integrates well with the site
- Favourites
- BackTrack (like history)
- Plug-ins
- Small file size - Only 2mb
- No advertisements
- Large Browsing window
- Stable and fast
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