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 Internet Rapidshare - free temporary file hosting
Here is another free file hosting service like YouSendit and DropLoad. Basically they all work the same. You go to their website and upload a file there. They will give you back a link to that file so that once your friends get the link from you, they can download your file onto their PC's. The maximum file sizes for these sites are: Dropload=100mb / YouSendit=1000mb / Rapidshare=30mb. The Rapidshare site was the easiest to use so far and it's download speed was up around 18k/sec. Not bad at all.

Website - Tip and Cool Website - mydownload (VB6 Runtime installer as an example download)

Quote from the website - RapidShare is a absolutely free web-hosting service for providing webspace on our servers without the need to sign-up.
The whole web-service is ad-financed. More infos can be found in our FAQ. Due to legal reasons we log uploader's IP-addresses.
---- Which UPLOAD-RULES have to be followed?
  • No files that are not allowed to be shared.
  • No split-files in order to work-around the upload-limit.
  • Number of downloads: Unlimited. We have files being downloaded more than 100.000 times.
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