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  Malware  Spyware Sweeper Spyware Remover
This is a great program. It has one MAJOR problem in my opinion. You only get one spyware description update. If you want to continue to use it in the future you have to buy a subscription for about $30. Don't let this stop you from using it. If you really have problems it is a great addition to the already totally free programs Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware. Once you have updated it and used it, you can uninstall it if you wish. I was able to identify and defeat the one time update mechanism they used, but I will not cheat them. They are doing the public a great service even if the software is not truely freeware by my definition.
Quote from the website
The spyware remover software will scan your computer for spy-ware and adware and remove these pests.
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews