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 Internet GreenBrowser - a feature rich tabbed browser
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GreenBrowser is one of the few multi-document (tabbed) browsers that are worth trying out. Unlike Slimbrowser, Avant, and Maxthon, I didn't need to "install" GreenBrowser. I just downloaded it and unzipped it into a folder to use it. It has many of the same features that the other three do and maybe a few that are unique. This browser uses the Internet Explorer rendering engine so it has all the same vulnerabilities to malware sites that Internet Explorer may have. If you keep your system updated and check at the browser testing sites you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Quote from the website - GreenBrowser is a multiple windows browser. It is based on IE, and has other powerful features.
Such as: Quick Key, Collector, Mouse Gesture, Mouse Drag, Ad Filter, Search Engine, Page Back Color, Toolbar Skin, Proxy, Tab Bar, Auto Scroll, Auto Save, Auto Fill Form, Start Mode, Auto Hide Bar, Mouse Drag Drop...
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