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 System Hex Editor - Free Binary File Editing
Alexander Bessonov has done a great job on this program. I have never seen a hex editor with an MDI (multiple document interface). In the past, I have always used the XVI32 hex editor and this editor competes well against it. I think the ability to have more than one file open will really come in handy. The program installed easily but the installer pops up their website page when it finishes. I think they could do without that. The interface will be immediately familiar to anyone who has used hex editors. Lately it seems that I'm seeing more and more high quality freeware from Russia. Hexedit is an excellent program and a prime example of Russian generosity. Thanks to Vasiliy Vasilyev for recommending this freeware. Be sure to check out the home page at their website for more freeware programs.
Caution: It's a good idea to make backup copies of any file you intend to change with a hex editor. Any hex editing tool can foul up your  programs or Windows OS if you don't know what you are doing.

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Quote from the website -
---- Features ----
* Loads files up to 2 GB in a couple of seconds!
* Multi-document, multi-window interface. You can open as many files as you want, as well as open as many windows per file as you want. Later you can use Copy(Cut)/Paste operations between opened files.
* Autorestore feature that helps you restore opened files after system failure.
* Powerful Find feature.
* Drag&drop and other shell integration features.
* Goto (or jump) feature that allows you to move to any absolute or relative location in the file.
* Fill feature that can fill tens of Megabytes with undo support!
* Full Undo support. (The only limit is your hard disk free space).
* Expanding (inserting several parts) files, deleting parts of files etc. with full undo support. 
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