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 Help Capture Error Messages in Windows!

This tip comes from Gary at Internet Fixes, a good friend and a brilliant Windows troubleshooter.
Many computer problems involve error messages, and it's essential to record the precise wording of these messages. In Windows 2000 and XP, pressing Ctrl-C will copy most error messages to the Clipboard. Launch Notepad, paste a copied message, and save it.
Under Windows 98 and Me (or when Ctrl-C doesn't work), type the exact text of the message into Notepad for reference. (You can also take a screenshot of the error message by hitting Alt-PrintScreen, which copies the screen image to the Clipboard, and then opening Paint and pasting the image into a blank file. You now have a picture of the error message.)
When copying or reporting an error message, you can omit the interminable lists of numbers found at the end of some message boxes.
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