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 Desktop 4t Tray Minimizer Free - minimize programs into the system tray
Recommended by Me2
Why would I use a tray minimizer program? The Windows Task Bar quickly fills up as you open programs. Using a tray minimizer will allow you to move rarely used windows from the task bar to the System Tray to help you work with the applications you really want to see. 4t Tray Minimizer will add two new buttons in front of the typical Minimize, Maximize/Restore, and Close buttons in the title bar of most Windows applications. These two buttons, Hide and Tray, allow you to quickly hide an application or minimize it to the system tray. I've seen listings for many freeware programs that do the same thing. This is the first one I've tried. So far, it works very well with no big drain on my system resources.

Website - Download - LiteWare (some features only available in paid version)

Quote from the website
4t Tray Minimizer lets you running applications minimized as System Tray icons, which helps in adjusting free space on your taskbar. To minimize any application to the task bar, simply left click the minimize button as usual or press keyboard shortcut. You can configure 4t Tray Minimizer to automatically hide/restore specific applications by pressing specific keyboard shortcuts.
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