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 Disks ZipALot - unzip multiple zip files all at once 
This small program works very nicely. I sometimes have 10 or 15 zip files on my desktop at the same time. ZipALot will unpack all of them into individual folders for me in a couple quick moves. Tip: To make sure it unzips files into folders with the same name, open the Filter Settings and open the Expert tab then put a check next to "Directory for every file"

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Quote from the website -
Most of the unpack programs only can handle one archive at once. With ZipALot you can extract (unace, unrar and unzip) multiple files at once!

ZipALot takes all the archives from one directory and extracts them to another one.

ZipALot can currently handle ZIP, RAR and ACE (V.2) archives.

Filter options allow you to control the extraction process.
Tell which archives you want to extract, what files you want to have extracted from
the archives and which not.
With a simple click you extract i.e. all your images from dozens of archives!
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews