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 Audio Winamp - freeware multimedia player
I've been using Winamp for years, from version 1 to 5. I've never found another player for audio or video that does all the things it can do. There are a large number of "fans" who write plug-ins and create skins and visualizations for it. Almost anything you could want to do with audio, someone has tried it with Winamp. You can listen to internet radio and watch tv stations, burn music CD's, watch movies, and record streaming audio and a few more things than I could mention here. Winamp is constantly evolving.
Quote from the website
Well, the Winamp community is teeming with creative individuals just like you. They live to take the player to new heights of coolness. And the Nullsoft Developers Network (NSDN) lives to serve them. The NSDN portion of our site is full of useful tools and tutorials for anyone who wants to create things for Winamp. Make skins to dress up your player or code up a component to change how Winamp behaves. We leave it up to you to make Winamp exactly what you want it to be.
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