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 System Rain - cool off your CPU
Marty wrote to me about this program. He says "... a small freeware program they have called "Rain" that will cure any case of laptop overheating. Basically what it does is to put the processor into a suspend mode by executing an "HLT" instruction (halt) when it is not actively computing. Although used mainly by "overclockers" whose CPU's generate enormous amounts of heat, I have used this program successfully on my laptop whose fan was running about 90% of the time and it was still running very warm.  Now the cooling fan rarely if ever comes on, the laptop is as cool as can be, and there's NO effect on computing power or speed."
Quote from the website - Originally designated as tool for the serious overclocker, this is a cooler program with few frills.  During the installation, you may set up Rain to optimize for a list of older processors - the most recent being the Pentium Pro and Celeron (the original version - pre Celeron A).  As Rain version 1.0 was written before the Celeron A was brought out, Rain incorrectly identifies the Celeron A, Celeron II, and all Pentium III CPUs as a Pentium Pro.  This does not hinder the effectiveness of the HLT instruction.
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