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 Security New Email Phishing attack - article at
I read a bit about this new security threat. The attack is performed using an email or a website. All that's needed is for the victim to view the email or webpage. Be careful out there, don't use a preview pane in Outlook Express and learn more about your Windows hosts file. It can help you instead of being a tool for hackers.
Website - Quote from the website
Essentially, the tactic redirects a victim's computer to a Web site controlled by a criminal every time the victim types in the Web address of his or her online bank. Even if the victim follows a shortcut or Web browser favorite link, the computer is seamlessly directed to the criminal's site instead. Once there, it's easy to trick a confused consumer into typing in banking account numbers and logins, because he or she is easily convinced that the destination is the correct banking site.
The new technique involves changing a little-known piece of software on most Web-ready computers called a "host file." 
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