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 Internet Password Generator - one password to rule them all
I subscribe to many websites and web services. How can I possibly remember the passwords to all of them? Well, to tell the truth, I use the same password at many of the sites and I also use a old copy of AI Roboform. Using the same password at different sites is a very bad idea and I don't recommend you do it. If someone gets that password they could have access to your whole net world.
Nic Wolff has created a web page that offer's a good solution to that problem. You can still safely have one password. Nic's page lets you type in the name of the web site along with that master password and then it combines the password and site name to create a brand new secure password. This password can be recreated if you ever lose it. You just go back to Nic's site and type in your master password and the web site's name and you will get back exactly the same one you lost.
You can also "download" Nic's website onto your PC so that you don't have to access the internet to use it. Just open your browser to Nic's password generator page and click "File" "Save As" and select "Web Page Complete". Then open up your new copy and bookmark it so you can use it later.

Website - Tip and Cool Website

Quote from the website - I'm Nic Wolff, a Perl hacker from New York City ... I hate passwords. I mean, I don't mind having really important ones be made-up and memorized but what about all those e-commerce and community sites that want me to create accounts? I end up using the same password at all of them and then I feel stupid knowing that one SQL Server exploit or disgruntled admin could cost me my whole identity. Note that all this is done by your browser running the program that's in the source of this page; nothing is passed back to my server.
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