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 Email Nigerian Scam Email - sometimes they can be very funny
I feel sorry for the people who fall for these Nigerian Scams. I get them in my email often and I just have to laugh at them because I remember reading the ones from Brad Christensen. This guy was born to be a comic.

Quote from my email:
Sent: Tuesday, October 7, 2003 12:20 AM
My Dear goodday,
     My Names is kennymooer Okadigbo son of previous Senate President Dr  Chuba Okadigbo of which , I know the news of the My father dismiss has reached the international media.
I  Am 30 years old and currently the only son of the late senate President {Dr Chuba Okadigbo}, Please I seek a honest person to transact business with .
     My father has the sum of U$47.5 million  Dollars which he deposited in a Security company in Aboard for the purpose of the 2007 Presidential Election here in Nigeria ... (the rest is just as unbelievable)