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 Website Decent Downloads - a great place to find freeware and talk about freeware
This is a very good place to find trusted and time tested freeware. The webmaster (nicknamed coathanger007), is a great guy and he and I have corresponded on and off over the past year. He recently started mailing out a monthly newsletter to the 3000+ people who belong to his freeware forum. He has also decided to include some of the reviews from my newsletter in it. If I didn't know it before, now I know for certain that he has excellent taste. LOL
If you go to Decent Downloads, be sure to check out the forum there. The forum is full of people who are helpful and love to talk about freeware or almost anything else you care to ask about.

Website - Cool Website

Quote from the webmaster - Decent Downloads selects some of the best freeware to list on their site. This is judged on criteria such as user friendliness, features and stability. All freeware which manage to get listed on this site are award winners. We also have a great discussion forum where you can discuss alternatives, review freeware, post tech support questions etc.
 Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews