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 Security Microsoft Update KB891711 causing problems for Win98 and WinME
A recent update from Microsoft to address a Windows vulnerability with “Cursor and Icon Format Handling” is now causing some Win98 and WinME systems to experience errors such as the "blue screen of death". If you are having similar problems after a Windows Update to 98 or ME, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to see if you have KB89711.exe running in your task list. If so, you have the update and it's possible that it's causing some problems. If you wish you can start MSConfig and go to the "Startup" tab to uncheck it so it doesn't start up when the computer boots.
Despite the problems we occasionally get, you still need to update your Windows on a regular basis.

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Quote from the website - Microsoft has acknowledged that a small number of users who installed a security patch issued in January have experienced technical problems that may degrade system performance or cause unexpected behavior. Despite published reports, however, those who applied the patch are not subject to attacks stemming from the vulnerability.
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