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 Internet AccountLogon - logon to your web accounts with one click
AccountLogon is a good password manager tool for use on Internet Explorer that protects all your passwords from prying eyes. When the PC boots, AccountLogon will ask you for a single password that allows you to forget all the rest of your passwords while you are surfing. I found it to be a stable program and not a big resource hog. It's operation is fairly simple but I found the logon capture not as easy as what I'm used to with AI Roboform. It also doesn't seem to detect when you've arrived at a website that it's been to and offer to log you in. After I used it awhile I decided to go back to using my old freeware copy of AI Roboform (see last week's newsletter). This program works well and if I had to decide between it and the new version of Roboform, I would choose AccountLogon because the new version of Roboform is trialware and can only store 30 logons.
WebsiteFreeware - requires IE5 or IE6
Quote from the website - Have you ever forgotten your online passwords? Are you tired of entering a username and password for EVERY password protected website you visit? Well, now you can have ONE password that lets you safely logon to any of your web accounts with just 1 click! Download this amazing FREE software and you will never have to type another password again!
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews