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 Email Urban Legends at - do you really believe your email?
I just can't understand why people actually believe some of these emails. You just have to take a look at these and after reading a few you will get a much deserved immunization shot so you aren't fooled the next time you get one of these in your mail. Oh, and you will also get a good laugh.
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Don't Eat the Ketchup!
If you believe everything you read in your email and I don't recommend that you might be seized with a sudden aversion to the ketchup dispensed in fast food outlets for awhile. It seems someone was caught adulterating the ketchup in an unnamed restaurant with his own HIV-positive blood a few weeks back. We don't know who, where or why, of course, but according to the anonymous author of this forwarded email you'll be much safer limiting your consumption from now on to packaged ketchup which, as we all know, couldn't possibly be bad for you in any way.
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews