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 security SpywareGuard - a spyware shield
Do you feel safe with just your Antivirus program? Still getting pop-up adds and home page hi-jacks? If you currently use Spybot and/or Adaware you might want to consider this extra layer of protection. SpywareGuard can stop spyware before it gets into your PC. I've used it now for awhile and it gets along just fine with my Anti-Virus program and doesn't use too many resources.
Quote from the website
An anti-virus program scans files before you open them and prevents execution if a virus is detected - SpywareGuard does the same thing, but for spyware! And you can easily have an anti-virus program running alongside SpywareGuard.

SpywareGuard now also features Download Protection and Browser Hijacking Protection!

Features Listing:
  • Fast Real-Time Scanning engine - catch and block spyware before it is executed (EXE and CAB files supported) with signature-based scanning for known spyware and heuristic/generic detection capabilities to catch new/mutated spyware
  • Download Protection - prevent spyware from being download in Internet Explorer
  • Browser Hijacking Protection - stop browser hijacking activity in real-time
  • SG LiveUpdate - provides an easy updating solution
  • Small size - with a small size and small definition sizes, download and updates are quick
  • Report Capabilities - keep a detailed log of all spyware detected
  • Spyware files are blocked before being opened or run - they are not simply shut down after they are loaded in memory (and after they have performed their tasks)
  • It's a free download
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