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 Security  avast! Home Edition - why pay for virus protection?
Two weeks ago, I mistakenly thought AVG Antivirus was going to end support for their free version. That started me on a hunt for a new free AV client. This week I'm trying out !avast. I've had it running for a few days now and I'm really very happy with it so far. I did a full scan of my system and it picked up the trojans and viruses that I hid there. It also has an "On Access" scanner that checks executable files every time a new one starts up. Now that could be a real system saver. It has email scanning abilities that far exceed any I'll ever need and if you get your email off a website instead of Outlook Express, I would recommend that you do a custom install and do not include the email scanner. All in all I give it a 5 star rating.

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New viruses pop up more and more frequently all the time. Also their spreading could be much faster than it used to be several years ago. The main problem is not to add their detection into the antivirus product but the fact that most of the users do not use any antivirus program at all or they still have some ancient version which they have got together with their computer for free.

ALWIL Software, the producer of avast! has decided that since 1. June 2001 avast! will be free of charge for home users which do not use their computer for profit. The only thing you have to do is to register online.
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