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 Internet Net Snippets Free Edition - grab pieces of the web and put them where you want
This is an excellent tool for anyone involved in research on the internet. Net Snippets loads an Internet Explorer toolbar that allows you to grab links, pieces of a website, or entire pages so that you can store them on your PC for later viewing. The interface for looking at the snippets looks very much like the Favorites side bar and you can actually import your favorites into it. Once you've captured a piece of the web you can actually edit it using the built in editor. The editor has all the functions that Outlook Express has for editing HTML mail and is very similar to it.
Conclusion: This one is a winner. The only problems I had were caused by my use of SlimBrowser instead of Internet Explorer.


Quote from the website - Net Snippets Free Edition is a totally free Internet research tool designed for anyone looking for a quick, easy way to conduct web research and collect, organize and share online information.
 School students collecting research for homework assignments and projects
 Individual investors managing their portfolios through the Web
 Public library users - to collect the information they’ve found, and take or email it home
 Patients and their families looking for information about a medical condition 
 Family history researchers
 Recipe collectors
 E-bay and Amazon aficionados - Net Snippets is the best tool for comparison-shopping!
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