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 System Once-A-Day - a new power tool from KarenWare
Karen has a new version of one of her power tools just out. I haven't tried it yet but I know when I use her applications I can be sure they are safe to use. She even lets you have the source code if you want it.
Website - Freeware
Quote from the website - Windows' Startup folder is a great feature. But it does have one limitation. Every entry in the Startup folder is run every time Windows starts -- even if Windows starts more than once a day.

To work around this, I created Karen's Once-A-Day II. This little program offers the same features as Windows' Startup folder. It can launch programs, open documents, even display web pages. And it does its work when Windows starts.

But as its name implies, Once-A-Day only performs its magic the first time Windows starts each day. Start your computer first thing in the morning, and Once-A-Day carries out the tasks you've assigned it. Reboot your computer after lunch, and Once-A-Day takes a nap. It won't re-run its assigned tasks until the first time Windows starts tomorrow.

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