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 Website Google Local - look for businesses close to home   
I found this search feature by accident. I was looking for autoparts in my area using google and the first link was google's local search. This search feature is in beta testing now. It works great as far as I can tell. It showed me maps to all the places I wanted to go.
Website - Quote from the website
Sometimes the information you're looking for is related to a particular place like the all-night doughnut shop that's nearest to your house. Google Local locates neighborhood stores and services by searching billions of pages across the Web, then cross-checking those results with Yellow Pages data to pinpoint the local resources you want to find. This innovative approach gives you access to the most and most relevant results for your search.

To use Google Local, just include a zip code or the name of a town or city with your regular search terms at Your local results will appear at the top of the results page.

You can also go directly to the Google Local home page to view only local results, see results on an area map, or limit your results to listings within a set distance from your starting point.

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