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 Help Website Rogue Anti-Spyware - programs and websites that hurt instead of help
I found this site to extremely helpful to me as a software reviewer. When I run into a new freeware program that promises to help me keep my system clean. I go to this site to make sure I'm not making a big goof. I wish I had done this when I tried out a program called MalWhere. It took me a couple hours of cleanup after I installed that one.

Website - Quote from the website

"Rogue/Suspect" means that these products are of unknown, questionable, or dubious value as anti-spyware protection. 
Some of the products listed on this page simply do not provide proven, reliable anti-spyware protection. Others may use unfair, deceptive, high pressure sales tactics and false positives to scare up sales from gullible, confused users. A very few of these products are either associated with known distributors of spyware/adware or have been known to install spyware/adware themselves. Users are advised to rely on anti-spyware applications with deserved reputations for trustworthy performance.
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews