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 Security SecureWorld Beta - competition for Adaware?
I get a shiver of dread every time I hear of a new antispyware application by some author I've never heard of. Most of the time if you've never heard of the program, it's because it's a rogue version that will cause more problems than it fixes. So far this one seems to be different. I tried it out and the install went perfectly. My only complaint is that they make you reboot the PC. After the program is launched you are offered the chance to register it. I was not looking forward to it, but they make it easy and all they ask for is your name. Type in your name and click a button. Next I updated it. That only took a few seconds. Finally I scanned with it. SecureWorld doesn't seem to have any settings to change, you just click the smart scan and in a minute or so it's done. I was surprised how fast it scanned. The speed reminds me of Bazooka Spyware scanner. In the end it gave me a surprising result. I was clean! Amazing! It told me what I know to be true. This program may or may not be good at detecting spyware, but at least it didn't give me a ton of false positives to track down. Finally I unintalled the program. It left a lot of registry entries behind and also left the Program Files folder. My hope is that the author will continue to develop this tool. I don't think it's ready to go up against Adaware or Spybot, but at least it's headed in the right direction. For now I won't recommend SecureWorld until it's got more time and trials behind it.
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Quote from the website -  Great program that will detect and clean all the spyware and adware parasites on your computer. Scans extremely quickly and shows a list of infections. You can choose which ones to remove. There is also a LiveUpdate function that will download and install the latest definitions. SecureWorld is completely free for personal users and costs $10/year for corporate users. To be able to update the program, you will have to register (using the program's interface).
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