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 Security  Spy Chaser - look before you install freebies
The authors of this program are trying to do us a good deed by offering a program that gives you a searchable list of known freebie spyware programs. It looks like this one is fairly new and could use a lot of work yet, but I respect them for trying. Some websites offer a similar service such as's and's listings and I typically use those. If the authors of Spy Chaser are able to update the program often and keep it up to date it could be a great resource in the fight against spyware.
Website - Quote from the website
Ever downloaded a 'Free' program only to find out it was Spyware?  (Banner Advertiser Supported)  Or even worse, many will hide the Spyware functions and not tell you.  At the time of this release there were 762 known Spyware programs and Spy Chaser lists them and lets you enter a program name to see if it's on this list.
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