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 Internet Microsoft advises IE users to uninstall Netscape 8
Thanks to TeMerc and JeanInMontana for this tip.
I tried the new Netscape out a few days ago and I had some problems with it. TeMerc posted this article and Jean confirmed she'd been having problems as well. I loved some of the new features of Netscape 8, but I'm going to wait it out a bit longer.


Quote from the website - Dave Massy, a senior program manager for IE, warned users in a blog posting that after installing Netscape 8, IE will render XML files as a blank page, including XML files that have an XSLT transformation.
Microsoft did not make clear what versions of IE were affected, but a user of the DeveloperDex forum said he experienced the problem on version 6 of IE, which had been patched with Windows Service Pack 2.
Microsoft said it is investigating the problem and will work with Netscape to resolve it. It advised a "workaround" of uninstalling Netscape 8 and editing the registry settings.
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