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 Desktop Tidy Start Menu - a quick and easy way to organize your programs
You should have seen the Programs folder in my Start Menu. I've got close to a hundred or more programs installed and the menu stretched clear across the screen every time I opened it. This program had me organized in 10 minutes.
Website - DownloadScreenShotFreeware
Quote from the website - Tidy Start Menu v1.4 - 474 KB
As time goes by, the list of the programs in the Start Menu becomes too long. As a result, each time you want to launch a program, it takes too much time to find it in the menu. The "Tidy Start Menu" program will help you to put the menu in order
and make your work comfortable. For setting the menu in order, the program offers you to categorize the Menu. For example, the Internet programs can be put into the "Internet" category, while all games can be included in the "Games" category. Thus, after using the program, you will have a compact menu, which will contain nothing but categories' names. Therefore, it will be no trouble to find a necessary program. All things the program performs can be done manually. However, with the help of the program, it becomes much easier and handier.
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