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 Help  Fass tutorial from Clif
 Here's a little demo of how I use the Fass forum assistant. If you don't know what Fass is, see my review.

First I created two text files that control how the Fass Post Generator displays my review template.

When Fass is running, click on the top menu Fass > Advanced > tabs.txt and Fass > Advanced > template.txt

These show you the text files that control the template.
After I backed up the old text files by renaming them, I changed the files so they look like this.

# Pawsoft Fass - Post generator tag config file
# Create your own tags for use with the post generator and set options for each.
# Format: <tagname>|<caption>|<multiline:0=no,1=yes>|<url:0=no,1=yes>
# |<auto:0=no,1=copy,2=input>|<specialtype:0=no,1=webname,2=weburl>
# |<specialtag:0=no,1+=tagnumber>
# Place one per line, and order them by the order you want
# Tip: You can delete or edit any of the default tags.
<websiteurl>|Website URL|0|1|1|0|0
<downloadurl>|Download URL|0|1|1|0|0
<screenurl>|ScreenShot URL|0|1|1|0|0
<quote>|Quote from Website|1|0|1|0|0

# Pawsoft Fass - Post generator template config file
# Place any text you want below these comments and use the available tags
# wherever you want that content to appear in the news post.
# Tags: <comments>, <headline>, <websiteurl>, <downloadurl>,<screenurl>, <quote>, <category>
# Tip: You can delete or edit any of the default text.
[URL=<websiteurl>]Website[/URL] [URL=<downloadurl>]Download[/URL] [URL=<screenurl>]ScreenShot[/URL]
Category: <category>
[B]Review by Clif[/B]
[B]Quote from the WebSite[/B]

And here is what it looks like when I click on the [Manual] button under the Post Generator.
Then I enter the info and here's what I see.
I click on [Create] and now I can see the bbcode.
Now I make a small change as needed.
Now I can preview the finished review.
 I click [Copy Post] then FASS disappears and copies the post to my clipboard.
 Now I can paste my new post into the forum and it's ready to go.
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