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 Games MAH JONGG SOLITAIRE - play a 3000 year old game
Loren Blaney used an old programming language that's been recently updated to create a great version of a game that I find highly addictive. This version of Mahjongg doesn't have an installer. Just unzip it and run it. It will download in only a few seconds because the whole zipped program is on 42 kilobytes in size. Check out the other freeware games hosted at this site. I grabbed a few of them. They are all very well done and you can fit all them all on a single floppy disk.

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Quote from the website -
Venerable Chinese tile game.
3D bamboo-laminated ivory tiles.
286+, 640x480 VGA and mouse required.
If you're wondering about the language used to program Mah Jongg, it's called XPL0. You can probably get the compiler and related tools from the same place that you got this file. Look for XPL0-233.ZIP. XPL0 was created by a computer club called The 6502 Group at the Colorado School of Mines during the mid 70s. Although very few people know and use XPL0, it competes surprising well with popular languages such as C, Pascal, and BASIC.
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