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 Home Bookeeping Lite - keeps track of household expenses
BushPilot at CHC tipped me off on this one. I downloaded it and registered it. To register you actually have to install first to get a registration number and then you must fill out a page at their website to request the registration key. Without this the program will not run. If it weren't for this proceedure, I would strongly recommend this program over MS Money for most people because Money is a hugely bloated program and a real overkill for most users. HBL is very nice and allows you to create as many accounts (Names) as you wish. It's got a very simple interface and I think most users will find it easy to understand.
Website - Download - Quote from the website (the lite version doesn't have all the listed features below)
"Home bookkeeping" has been designed to save your personal expenses. "Home bookkeeping" presents the following features: recording the expenses, incomes, credits and debts, planning the expenses and incomes, producing a detailed and selective report on the expenses and incomes, diagrams constructing, database printing, exporting, clearing and packing. For the security and privacy reasons any name can be protected by a password.
Clif Notes Freeware and Website Reviews