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 Website Faerun - interactive swords and sorcery stories
WebsiteCool Website
If you like fantasy novels with lots of swords and sorcery, stop by and check out this website. A group of "players" have gotten together in this MSN Group to write their own stories. Most of the stories are based in the mythical land of Faerun. To read the stories, go to the Messages board and look under General. You should read the stories at the bottom first to stay in chronological order. If you feel like a challenge, join their group and add to the stories.

Quote from the website - when I close my eyes and I think of this place, I see it as in the mountains, not really really high into the mountains, but in them none the less. The winters can be harsh and unforgiving to those who are not prepared and the summer days endless and almost with a lazy feel to them ...
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