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 Help  Karen and Cookies - what are internet cookies?
Karen at has written a very detailed article on website cookies. The article starts with the history of the internet and how web servers and web browsers have evolved. It later explains what cookies are and how web servers and your internet browser work together to give you more power when you surf. Karen doesn't explain the down side of cookies in this article. Sometimes cookies can spy on you by revealing your surfing habits to people who want to target you with customized advertisements or gain other personal information. Are cookies dangerous? In my opinion, no. There are "tracking" cookies that many people prefer to block. I delete most of my cookies occasionally and I sometimes block particular cookies that are flagged by my anti-spyware, but I mostly ignore them. If you feel your privacy is threatened by cookies, visit the National Anti-Cookie League. They offer you the knowledge to refuse any cookie you don't want your PC to eat.

Quote from the website - Computer cookies have lots of uses, and come in several flavors. But for now, let's stick to those cookies that help web servers recognize us, and make possible many of the features of advanced web sites.
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