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 System ClipPath - explorer menu extension
Many times when I am uploading files to a website they want me to browse to the file and choose it. Most of the time I've got the file's folder open and can see it. I often wished I could just drag and drop it onto the webpage to give them the path to it. Since I've gotten ClipPath I can just right click on the file and get it's path and then I can paste that path to the file into the address window in my browser. It saves me time there and any other situation when I need to know the path to a file on my PC.

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As a Programmer, we are often required to set the path or classpath Environment variables. But Windows Operating does not allow us to copy the full path of a file or a folder,say, c:\temp\ to clipboard so that we can paste the same anywhere we require. Clip Path utility tries to solve these problems. It is a windows Shell Extension Program. Once installed, you can copy full path of a file or folder to clipboard.
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