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 System Delindex - remove your temporary internet files
Delindex is a DOS batch file that will clean your Win95, Win98, or WinME cookies, downloads, activex, and temporary internet files. To use it you must boot from a boot floppy disk or boot cd. It then allows your system a "fresh start" and often cleans out tens of megabytes of files you don't really need. I've been using it for years on my Window ME system.
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Quote from the website -
The primary purpose of Delindex is to delete Index.dat files which are never resized, and only get bigger. These files contain all your web surfing history since they were (re)created, and large index.dat files can cause performance issues with browsing. Index.dat files cannot be deleted if Explorer is running. The secondary purpose is to delete junk files for reasons of space, privacy, and performance. Delindex is "stand-alone" program and requires no installation and no other files to run. All notes are within the program, so there are no separate ReadMe or Help files.
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