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 Security Detect Keylogger - find the spy
This program is handy if you feel your pc is being monitored by a keylogger. It basically takes before and after snapshots of many files on your system to detect suspicious changes that could occur if a keylogger is logging your activity. Just before using this program they advise you to shut down all other programs including your virus protection.
Download - Website - 1.86Mb - Quote from the website is below
What is a key logger, snap shot monitor? Key logger software is a program, which causes every keystroke made on the computer to be recorded. The program can remain completely undetected and is usually initiated when the computer is turned on. The key logger records everything outgoing to include emails, documents, login names, passwords, and credit card numbers etc. Some key loggers offer the option to send the key log file to a remote email address in sleath mode. Snap Shot Monitors take a screen shot of computer activity, generally at a user defined set interval. Some advanced key loggers offer this option as well as capturing key strokes.
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