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 Website Spyware Doctor using deceptive advertising?
Last week I reviewed Spyware Doctor. I wasn't impressed with the product but I didn't see anything major wrong with it other than the fact that their free version is Crippleware. Since then, I've found out that there's a little more to the story behind the success of Spyware Doctor. Are they using deceptive advertising to steal business from Spybot S&D? Read this article at the Spybot website ( and see if you agree with the accusations that safer-networking is making.
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Quote from the website - "If you search for the keyword Spybot on Altavista or some other search engines, you'll got a bunch of sponsored results. One of them is Spyware Doctor, who seem to be aggressively using our name Spybot to advertise their software. We receive a bunch of emails every week from people complaining to us and asking for a refund. After some mails we usually find out that those people believed they had bought Spybot-S&D, but actually got Spyware Doctor... "
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