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 Graphics Painter25 - Graphics editor
Jan's freeware always impresses me. He's really done a nice job on this image editor as well. He has included a boat load of tools for tweaking images and converting them as well.
Quote from the website
Painter 25 Features: TOOLS for Backdrops, Effects, and Filters, Banners, Artistic, GIF and JPEG Optimizer, smallBMP's; GADGETS: free floating buttons, labels, images, gradient text, smart shapes, bitmap fonts; IMAGE: layers, seamless patterns, trace, emboss, mirror, flip, free rotation, whirl, scroll, drip, crop, wave, shadow, filter, mask, glue and combine ; FORMATS: png, jpg, (transparent) gif,bmp,wmf,emf,ico,tif; TWAIN scanner support;PRINT: with preview; DRAW: clone brush, stars,polygons, mirrors, blocks,syms, spirals, arcs, curves, cubes, chords, pies, spirograph, maze, globe, concentric,anchored etc.; PATTERNS: create your own; TEXT: plain, shadow, pattern, rotate; RANGE: float, color transitions, tiling,borders,move, smear etc; CAPTURE screen/area. BRUSHES: airbrush, textures, clone, smart color, ornamental, effect, morphing; create 256-color Icons; image blending; PNG transparency tool for variable and shape based transparency; Basic SVG rendering; NEW: Painter script.
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