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 Desktop Microdesk - use virtual desktops on your PC
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Microdesk is a very good virtual desktop program. It's a small download and simple install. Microdesk also requires an email to the author to activate it but you can download a small utility to do that for you. The program sets itself up to run when the pc starts but that can easily be changed in the options if needed. Once it's running, it displays a new toolbar above your system tray that allows you to navigate between 10 different virtual desktops. The desktops can be customized with different wallpapers and can also be password protected. There were two things that I'd like to see improved. I didn't like the way applications are moved between desktops and I also couldn't find a way to change the desktop icons that are displayed on each desktop. My testing was on my WindowsME and Microdesk may run differently on WindowsXP.

Quote from the website - This program can create up to 99 virtual desktops that help you organize the current open applications and they're afferent windows. This is verry usefull when working with a big number of open applications at the same time.
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