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 Internet Lektora - browser plugin turns IE and FF into RSS newsreader
I've been looking for a good integrated newsreader for quite awhile now and I finally found one I can work with. Now I don't have to use a separate application for RSS feeds. Once I installed Lektora, all I have to do is click the Lektora button in my browser and a few seconds later I can see all the latest news from the many websites, blogs, and newsletters I like to read. When I want to add a new feed all I have to do is click the RSS button at a website and Lektora pops up to ask me if I want to add it to my current list of feeds. I think Lektora is great. No adware, no spyware, no signup, easy to install, and doesn't seem to overtax my limited resources. Grab a copy now, once Lektora is out of beta, they'll start charging money for it.
Website - Freeware (beta) - requires IE6 or FireFox 1.0
Quote from the website - Lektora is the RSS feed aggregator that integrates seamlessly with Firefox and Internet Explorer to enable easy reading of news feeds within the web browser. Offering an intuitive user interface and highly polished aesthetic, Lektora simplifies subscribing to, reading and managing web site news feeds, without sacrificing performance.
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