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 Website IMPS The Relentless - a new Star Wars movie made by fans
Here's another great tip from CyberGuide:
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OK, you have just seen what's next? Well, plenty to come on the official front: DVD releases in November (incl Clone Wars Vol 2 - just brillant!), TV series on the peripheral characters, Star Wars 3D, 30th anniversary in 2007, and I could go on...

On the unofficial front, well...there is no limit to Star Wars fandom, is there? I have covered fan-made movies a couple of times in my site, just check out this latest offering from, who were involved in the superb TROOPS.

Relentless is simply great because of its pace, realism (though a bit too much CGI for my liking...Bab 5 used to give me a headache!), ambience, dialogues and music. I must say, this is the first fan-made movie which I have enjoyed the original score (not inspired on John Williams). This movie is only a first-part to many more to come - can't wait any longer for the next one!

A big thanks to these dedicated fans who have sweated over this cinematic medium for us to enjoy!

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