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 Internet BrowserTraySwitch - a cool way to switch between browsers
Guest Review from CyberGuide:
Great, I need one of those with the countless browsers I am running!
From Clif:
I give it a thumbs down. Thanks for the tip but I tried this little program and I didn't have much luck with it. It comes with four of five browser settings in it's INI file. If you want to add others you have to edit the INI file and add the browser names and drive paths to it. I did that but BrowserTraySwitch refused to add the browsers I chose for it. I don't like the fact that you have to hunt for the INI file to edit it. Maybe the author will write a simple interface to include new browsers. If he does, this one could be a winner.

Website - Download - Freeware (not recommended at this time)

Quote from the website - BrowserTraySwitch is a super tiny little system tray utility (only 80k) to help you quickly change your default browser. Just right-click to change your default browser - after that all launched files and urls will open in the selected browser. Want to just launch a specific browser once? Use the left click. The icon of the tool shows the currently selected default browser. Double-click to launch the current default browser.
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